Fruit packaging is one of the most important items in the export of agricultural products, which is checked and selected by the merchant according to the target market. Iranian kiwi is also made in baskets with different sizes, designs and colors. One of these packages is a 10kg white kiwi basket packaging and its other name is a petrochemical white basket. We will explain it further.

White 10 kg basket packaging for kiwi
Product nameKiwi
Type:Golden Hayward
weight of the fruit:60 - 120 gr
Type of packaging:Plastic basket
Packaging dimensions:40 * 26 * 22.5 (cm)
Gross Weight:10.4 kg
Customs tariff code:08105000
Maintenance conditions:2+
Available months:October to May

Product Description

In this type of packaging, approximately 10kg of kiwis can be placed, and India is very interested in importing kiwis with this type of packaging , The dimensions of the basket in this type of packaging are 40, 26 and 22.5 cm in length, width and height, which due to the high quality and strength of this basket for export to India and Arab countries such as Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. is very suitable.

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Due to different temperatures, most agricultural products must be sent in refrigerated trucks to stay healthy and not spoil. If we want to load 23 tons of kiwi fruit in a refrigerated container with 10kg white kiwi basket packaging, 96 to 108 white 10 kg baskets are placed on a pallet, and for exporting Iranian kiwi around the world in a refrigerated container car, a total of 2180 to 2260 10 kg white baskets are loaded.

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What is the price of Iranian kiwi in a 10 kg white basket?

The price of agricultural products in Iran is not fixed, that’s why the price of Iranian kiwi in 10 kg white basket packaging depends on factors such as the availability of the product, its caliber and size. To know the exact price of this product, please contact our experts for more information.

Iranian kiwi in 10 kg white basket packaging is suitable for export to which countries?

According to our experience, during the past years, 10 kg white basket packaging is mostly used for the export of Iranian kiwi to India and Arab countries.

The most suitable Iranian kiwi caliber for this type of kiwi packaging is 60 to 120 calibers. Also, the storage temperature of kiwi in a 10kg white basket in the cold room is set at 0 degrees and +2 to +3 on the way to send, so that Iranian kiwi reaches its consumers while maintaining its quality and freshness. This type of packaging is used in Gilafruit company to export Iranian kiwi to India, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Arab countries.

Sample packaging

Kiwi fruit packaging in a white 10 kg basket gilafruit
Kiwi fruit in a white 10 kg basket gilafruit
Basket of 10 kg of white Iranian kiwi gilafruit
10 kg white basket for Iranian kiwi fruit gilafruit
10 kg white basket for India gilafruit

Finally, we conclude that the packaging of the 10 kg white kiwi basket is designed and produced in such a way that it is very suitable in terms of durability and strength. additionally in terms of the fact that Iranian export kiwi is not exposed to spoilage and crushing in this type of packaging. And the white basket packaging of 10 kg has been very suitable for export to different countries including India.

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