Export vegetables of Dezful and Borazjan
Export of super parsley to European countries

Dill and Parsley for export

Due to the ability of Iran to produce a variety of vegetables such as dill, also called Shabbat, and parsley, Iran has become one of the export centers of these products in the Middle East. Dill and parsley are exported from Iran

Gila Fruit has the ability to supply these products in bulk orders in packaging for various countries, including Russia. Due to the cultivation of fresh dill and parsley in different parts of the country, including Dezful and Bushehr, production centers have been able to produce them with different quality grades. Iran’s export of dill and parsley

Product Name :Dill and parsley
Customs tariff code: 0708
Maintenance :Wet and cool
Product size:Customer order
Package type:Carton and bulk boxes
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Russia needs to import these vegetables and citrus fruits due to its unfavorable climate. Russia is one of the main importers of vegetables from Iran due to its cold location. Various types of vegetables and summer vegetables such as dill, parsley, coriander, fenugreek, etc. are exported to this country.

Gila Fruit with the ability to supply a variety of vegetables in high tonnage and have the resources to buy, sell and export this product possesses a warehouse and cold storage in Talesh and Astara through which it is able to provide its customers with the required volume of the product in the fastest possible time . Dill and parsley are exported to Iran

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