Broccoli exported from Iran
Iranian Broccoli

Sales of exported broccoli

Exported broccoli is one of the types of cabbage that has many properties and its medicinal properties have led to its greater consumption in recent years. In Gilafruit, products are packaged in different ways. Exported Iranian broccoli

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If you want stylish export packaging, make sure that you can count on us. We are ready to accept your orders with experience and expertise in exporting various types of cabbage. Iranian Broccoli

Product Name :Broccoli
Customs tariff code:07041000
Maintenance :Wet and cool
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Ionolithic cool box and plastic basket
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

While buying and selling broccoli, like other fruits and vegetables, you need to be careful. The product that you intend to buy should be fresh and its texture should be firm. If the placidity conditions are loose and obvious, stop buying it. Buy Broccoli

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