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One of the most important agricultural products for export is bell peppers, also called capsicum. Not only because of its economic value but also because of its high nutritional value, Iranian bell pepper has attracted many people’s attention, both at home and abroad. With the increase in the world population and the shortage of food resources, the issue of production, sale and purchase of sweet pepper and exporting it has attracted more traders’ attention.

Gilafruit Group, at the customer’s request, undertakes the entire process of exporting the purchased bell peppers, from container rental to transportation, customs formalities, and finally shipment to the fruit and vegetable market in the destination country. Buy Iranian bell peppers


Product Name :Bell pepper
Type:sweet pepper
Customs tariff code:07099000
Maintenance :Humid temperature
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Cartoon box
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Iranian bell pepper has many fans in different countries, including the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Russia, and you can buy this product directly from GilaFruit and deliver it to the above-mentioned countries in different ways.


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