Persian cabbage leaves
Imported Iranian cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves for export

Cabbage export Cabbage leaf is one of the fastest and most profitable type of investment due to the rapid consumption of this exported product , both for the customer of the product abroad and for the producer, because the vegetables must be sent and reached the destination in two or three days. Otherwise, the quality of the product will decrease in a few hours. Iranian cabbage for export

At Gilafruit, by applying nanotechnology to the plastics we use, we have been able to increase the shelf life of cabbage while maintaining the freshness of the product. The main export markets for green and red cabbages are Russia and the countries on the southern coasts of the Persian Gulf. Iranian cabbage for export

Product Name :Cabbage leaves
Type:Green leafy cabbage, purple leafy cabbage
Customs tariff code:07049000
Maintenance :1 to 2 degrees Celsius
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Plastic bags
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

GilaFruit Complex is a reputable supplier for cabbages by direct harvesting and loading from the farms. Additionally, sorting and packaging are performed by a team of experienced staff. Finally, you can contact us for advice and cooperation in export. We are also ready to provide free export advice. Buy Iranian cabbages

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