Cucumbers exported to Russia
Imported cucumber packaging

Cucumber for export

The export of the best greenhouse cucumbers, including green cucumbers and prickly cucumbers the product of greenhouses in Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman provinces. Iranian cucumber for export
Sorting and packing of GilaFruit cucumber in the sorting halls of this complex is done by skilled and trained workers in a completely hygienic environment.
After buying cucumbers, in addition to the product qualityexporters should be more careful in choosing the type of packaging of this product in order to attract more foreign customers. Buy Iranian cucumbers

Product Name:Cucumber
Type:Green cucumber, prickly cucumber
Customs tariff code:07070000
Maintenance :7 to 9 degrees Celsius
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Carton box and plastic basket
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Many countries want to buy Iranian cucumbers for export, but among them, 3 countries import the most Iranian cucumbers, which include Iraq, Russia and Qatar. To buy cucumber, you need to know its prices before anything else. You can contact us for information on export prices. Iranian cucumber for export

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