Iranian dried garlic for export
Iranian dried garlic for export

Export of dried garlic

Garlic can be grown in almost all parts of the country, which has led many people to cultivate it in small quantities. At Gilafruit, we are ready to prepare and provide all kinds of red dried garlic and white dried garlic in different packages according to your order. We, with suitable facilities, facilitate the preparation and purchase process of the products for our customers.
Iranian dried garlic for export

Product Name :Dried garlic
Type:White garlic, red garlic, purple garlic
Customs tariff code:07032000
Maintenance :Dry
Product size:-۳ ℃ – ۰ ℃
Package type :Carton box and plastic basket and lace
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Our country is ranked 25th in the world in garlic production after China, India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Russia, Myanmar, Ukraine and Spain. Every year, a large amount of Iranian garlic is exported to other countries, including Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Iraq.
If you want to export fresh garlic to Russia, Turkey or any other country that is a good market for this product, you have to wait until mid-spring or early summer, depending on the region. Otherwise, you should export dried garlic.
Iranian dried garlic for export

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