Urmia grapes exported to Iran
Iranian red grapes for export

Sale of export grapes

Gila Fruit, one of the suppliers of grapes for export, guarantees the quality of this product for you, by providing a quality and organic product from the vineyards of different cities of Iran directly, by eliminating intermediaries, and by standard packaging and principled palletizing. This product has been able to deliver it to your desired destination in perfect health. Iranian grapes for export

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Good export grapes must have characteristics such as seedlessness, coarseness and uniformity of clusters, transparency and pest-free health in order to meet the required standards in terms of global markets. Buy Iranian grapes

Product Name :grape
Type:Ruby, Beard, Fakhri, Raisin
Customs tariff code:0806
Maintenance :Cool and dry
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Nanoplastic and plastic basket
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Iran is one of the ten producers of exported grapes in the world. Grapes contain minerals such as copper, iron and manganese, and its consumption plays an essential role in maintaining bone health and strength. Iranian grapes for export

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