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Persian orange fruit

Buy Iranian oranges for export

Using the latest methods and technologies of orange harvesting, as well as employing skilled and trained workers in a completely hygienic environment and in accordance with the requirements of World Day, the GilaFruit Complex sorts and packs orange fruit.
The company uses agricultural experts to control the quality of its exported orange fruit to meet all the needs of the final consumer in order to have access to healthy fruit.

Product Name :Orange
Type:Valencia, Thomson, Bloody
Customs tariff code:08051000
Maintenance: 2+ تا 10+
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Telescopic cartons and plastic baskets
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

The main export markets of Gilafruit oranges are Russia, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Dear customers, you can send us your product request. Gila Fruit has the opportunity to cooperate with major orange growers in the north and south of the country to export the product to target markets. Iranian oranges for export

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