Pears exported to Iran
Export pear

Iranian pear export

Iranian export pear is a green or yellow fruit which is juicy and conical in shape that has a pleasant and fragrant taste. Pear plant is native to Western Asia and Eastern Europe, especially the northwestern regions of Iran and the Caucasus Mountains. It has to mention that pear is the second most important seeded fruit in the world, the first is apple. Iranian pear export

Armenia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Belarus have saturated markets for pear exports. In contrast, Indonesia, Russia, Iraq, the UAE and Oman have the most remaining export capacity.

Product Name :pear
Type:Formal pear, European, wild
Customs tariff code:08083000
Maintenance :0 تا 1
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Carton box and plastic basket
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

The best destinations for pears export from Iran due to the amount of export potential and ease of trade relations are are Indonesia, Russia and Iraq. We, GilaFruit team, are ready to export pears planted in Iran all over the world. Buy Iranian pears for export

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