Iranian export kiwi
Kiwi for export

Selling first-class kiwi in Iran

Iranian kiwi, also known as Hayward kiwi (golden Hayward) in the market, is one of the most demanded fruits in the market which is exported to various countries such as Russia, India, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkey, etc

GilaFruit, with the ability to supply kiwis in its own orchards as well as buy this fruit for exporting in high tonnage from local lands, owns resources including different warehouses and cold storages in Talesh and Astara through which it can buy, sell and then export this product in the fastest possible time to its costumers all around the world

Product Name :Kiwi
Type:Golden Hayward
Customs tariff code:08105000
Maintenance :Cool and dry
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Carton box and plastic basket
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

For more information on the wholesale price of kiwi in our cold storage, markets and gardens, as well as buying kiwis and selling Hayward type of this product for export, you can contact the sales department of our company, Gila Fruit Agricultural Products Export Company, at your convenient time

If you need any information about daily price of this product, delivery time and export and delivery conditions, feel free to get in touch with us


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