Regarding the import of Iranian kiwi around the world, what is very important is to check the target market and customers’ tastes in relation to product packaging. For example, since last years, single-row basket packaging of 12 kiwis has been very popular, which has caused various types of this packaging to enter the list of merchants’ packaging orders in various rows.

Single-row basket packaging of 12 pieces
Product Name:Kiwi
Type of Fruit:Green Hayward
Weight of the Fruit120 - 100 gr
Type of Packaging:Plastic Basket
Packaging Dimensions:8 * 24 * 32 (cm)
Gross Weight:1.6 kg
Customs Tariff Code:08105000
Maintenance Conditions:2 °C
Available Months:October to May

Product Description

Kiwi packaging should always be done in such a way, in order to satisfy Iranian kiwi buyers and consumers, to maintain and improve the position of Iranian Hayward kiwi in the world markets So that a quality product with hygienic and appropriate Iranian kiwi reaches the consumer. One of the important processes in kiwi import is the packaging of kiwi fruit, which traders can shine in their market by importing Iranian kiwi in single-row basket packaging of 12 kiwis. Gilafrut company with several years of experience and by examining the target market and customers’ tastes, provides free consultation in the field of kiwi import with single row packaging of 12 pieces.

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Single-row packaging of 12 pieces in 2 different sizes with blue and yellow colors is available in the market, one of which has 123 grams of weight and measures 31.5, 23.5 and 2 cm in length, width and height. It is available to consumers. And the other model with 140 grams of weight and size of 32, 24 and 8 cm in length, width and height can accommodate kiwis with +100 and +120 gr .

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The Iranian kiwi packaging of the single-row basket of 12 kiwis is made in such a way that it accommodates 12 in one row, therefore, there is no pressure on the kiwi fruit and it also has a high air circulation space, single-row packages are always beautiful. And it has a suitable appearance for the appearance of kiwi fruit.

Sample Packaging

Kiwi single row basket of 12 pieces
12 single row kiwi packaging
Iranian Kiwi single row 12 pieces
Pack of 12 kiwis iran
Single row of 12 Iranian kiwi fruits

What makes your product different from other products in the global markets is its Iranian kiwi packaging, understanding this issue, Gilafruit exports kiwi fruit with a single-row basket packaging of 12 kiwis’ pieces to completely satisfy the customers wishes, at the same time in loading Kiwi must be placed in 390 pieces of this packaging on each basket so that the kiwi product reaches the customer in the best form and quality.