GilaFruit is a giant branch of the fruitful tree of GILAN FRUIT Company


GILAN FRUIT Trading Company and Cold Storage

GILAN FRUIT Company was established in 2000, simultaneously as the first kiwi trees were planted in Choubar. We were aware from the beginning that we had an ultimate goal in mind and we were thinking about exporting our products worldwide. We came to this conclusion that export was our mission and we did not think of any other purpose.

The young seedling of our company has grown over the years and now it is 23 years old. 23 years of experience, continuous effort, love to produce the best agriculture corps and export them all over the world. 23 years of skills and expertise gained by its members who are almost a staff of 300 people. 300 people, including experienced and trained specialists in the field of agricultural production, quality control and exports.

About Us

Our aim to establish Gilafruit

But what made us think of founding Gilafruit? It is obvious that trading has made great development in recent decades; so that the volume of many transactions is not face to face anymore and are different from their traditional form.

In the past, trade affairs mostly included the exchange of goods between cities and now it has reached countries. Today, through trade and e-commerce changing the form of competition in the international arena, one country can export goods to another and it can also receive a product in another part of the world, which is one of the most important aspects of e-business. E-commerce means selling products in foreign countries, which if you have an international mindset, you should not sit back and you should continue on this path of rapid growth.

GILAN FRUIT Trading and Cold Storage Company has placed Gilafruit as a bridge between the needs of world markets and Iran’s pure agricultural products, and intends to continue sales and exports on a wider scale with specialized and experienced experts in the field of e-commerce.

GilaFruit Company

At Gilafruit Complex, we always strive to satisfy the customers by employing scientific and expert staff in the fields of export, e-commerce and identifying target markets for sale in accordance with international standards.

Equipped with the latest technologies in the world

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 Having the most equipped cold storages


The modern cold storages of GILAN FRUIT Trading Company have an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters and a capacity of 7,000 square meters.
The company has actively operated 3 cold storages in the north of the country (Talesh city, Choubar) and 1 cold storage in the south of the country (Dezful city), which are equipped with the most advanced refrigeration systems and modern methods in the world.

Gilafruit sorting 2
Gilafruit sorting 3
MAF RODA Sorting Machinery

The innovative equipment for sorting Fruit and vegetables


In the export of agricultural products, sorting is very important because if this process is not done properly, the possibility of spoilage or low-quality products will increase.
GILAN FRUIT complex, with gaining technical knowledge and experience in these years, have used the latest equipment in the world such as Maf Roda sorting machine performs the process of sorting fruits based on calibration, color, appearance and separation of impurities and the quality of the fruit and it maintains the best possible shape by maintaining freshness to the final destination. Therefore, the exported product reaches the final consumer by preserving the true flavor.


Gilafruit sorting 2
Gilafruit sorting 3

A wide range of packaging types


Now we have reached a point where in addition to kiwi, we have the ability to produce, package and export high quality Iranian fruits and vegetables such as apples, lemons, grapes, oranges, pomegranates, watermelons and others.

Also, the packaging and exporting various vegetables and herbs including parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, garlic. have been added to the company’s export departments to make our field of activity bigger and bigger.