Our packing methods


The packaging of domestic products is different from the export packaging, done in different ways. In fact, products such as Kiwis can be packaged according to its good quality, large and small.


In accordance with international day standards


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Thanks to the four seasons weather

Features of export products!

The precise and detailed observation and investigation of product safety standards both in the country of origin and in the country of destination is the most important point in fruit export and fruit packaging.

  • Healthy fruit fleshHealthy fruit flesh with no signs of pus
  • Free of black spotsNo plasticity, trauma
  • No brown spotsNo brown spots, dehydration and flouring
  • Rust and crackingNo rust and cracking of the tail
  • Product weight and sizeProduct weight and size by agreement
  • Product defectsOnly 3% of the product is allowed
  • Name and logoName and logo of the manufacturer or exporter
  • Compliance with standardsComply with product safety standards

We strive to provide you with safe and comfortable services by adapting to new packaging methods.


Some examples of Gilafruit packaging

Buy kiwi from Iran
Iranian kiwi health and hygiene package
Iranian sweet pepper export
Packaging of bell peppers
Three-color sweet pepper exported from Iran
Export red apples
Export of bell peppers to European countries
Plast carton packaging of Iranian apples
Iran Kiwi Plast Carton Packaging
Iranian red apple packaging
Golden apple packaging
صادرات سیب ایران به عراق، قطر، دبی، امارات و کشور های اروپایی
Shakil packaging of Iranian apples
Pumpkin nanoplastic packaging
Pumpkin packaging
Russian export pumpkin
Beautiful 20 cm export pumpkin packaging in Iran
Export of pumpkins in Iran
First class pumpkin for export
Pumpkin for export to Iran
Export of first class tomatoes in Iran
Iranian tomatoes
Pumpkin packaging
Iranian pear export
عبوة صغيرة كيوي إيراني
Kiwi Tak Raj
Iranian grapes for export
Iranian ruby grapes for export
Import of vegetables to all European countries
Dezful Iran vegetable export
Buy vegetables such as dill and parsley from Iran
Import of vegetables from Iran
Yellow apples exported to European countries
Yellow apples exported to Arab countries
Buy apples by train from Iran
Buy bulk apple packaging from Iran
Watermelon import to Iraq, Qatar, Dubai, UAE
Import of watermelon from Iran
Iranian export watermelon
Super Kiwi for export
Packing of two kiwi ridges
Kiwi Carton Plast Iran Export
First class Iranian grapes
Kiwi Hayward Export
Kiwi packaging
Corn imported from Iran
Iranian corn for export
Iranian export corn packaging
Broccoli for European countries
Import of Iranian broccoli for European countries
Brooklyn Iranian export cold box
Iranian export carrots
Iranian export carrot packaging
Carrot import to Europe
Export of Iranian carrots
Import and purchase of green beans from Iran
Iranian green bean packaging for export
Green beans of Dezful Iran
Iranian red beet
Export of Iranian red beets
Red beetroot packaging
Beet export from Iran
Import of Iranian eggplant to Europe
Export eggplant of Iran lamp
Iranian oranges for export
Export oranges from northern Iran
Export of kiwi to Europe
Buy kiwi from Iran
Buy kiwi Talesh and Astara from Iran
Iranian kiwi packaging
Export kiwi packaging
Iranian vegetable export packaging
Export of vegetables to Europe
Iranian vegetable exports
Become an exporter of Iran
Iranian vegetable export packaging
Iranian parsley export
طماطم تصدير إيرانية
Export of Iranian tomatoes
Iran export watermelon packaging
Iranian export watermelon
Iran watermelon pallet box for export
Watermelon B32 exported to Iran
Iranian celery for export
Export of Iranian celery to Europe
Iranian celery nano-plastic packaging
Export of eggplant to Iran
Eggplant export
Export of Lampi eggplant to Iran
Iranian green bell pepper
Green bell pepper exported from Iran
Iranian colored bell pepper
Iranian kale
Cabbage exported to Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Dubai
Iranian export cabbage
Romano lettuce Iran
Romano lettuce exported from Iran
Iranian lettuce exported to Europe
Romano Export Iran
Iran's first-class Romano exports
Iranian lettuce packaging
Iranian Black Nectarine Packaging
Iranian plums
Iran export plum packaging
Iranian export plums
Iran's first-class export plums
Russian plums exported from Iran
Packaging of Iranian plum glass containers
Iranian export nectarine
Russian export nectarine
Moghan Nectarine Export of Iran
Export of Iranian Shams nectarine
Moghan Nectarine Export of Iran
Exports of peaches and nectarines to Iraq
Export of Iranian nectarines
Iranian combed nectarine export
Export of Iranian apricots
Iranian apricots for export
Export of Iranian dried garlic
Packaging of Iranian dried garlic
Iranian garlic packaging
More Iranian exports
Iranian sour lemon
Sour lemon exported from Iran
Iranian sour lemon packaging
First class apples exported from Iran
First class rose apples exported from Iran
Iranian rose apple export
Iranian summer apple export
Export oranges
Mazandaran Export Oranges