In Gila Fruit you can find the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables and easily export and clear!

We will ship all your products to different countries all over the world


Gilafruit has become a well-known and reputable name in the target countries by supplying the highest quality fruits and vegetables of Iran to international export markets. The exported fruits, after being picked, are de-pested in the company’s equipped workshops and warehouses, and then sorting and packaging operations are performed on the desired fruits.

Due to its long history in international trade, this company is ready to perform all legal matters of import and export and clearance of goods, especially agricultural products (such as fruits, vegetables, etc.) for all its applicants and customers.

We use the latest technologies in the world in packaging, including controlled atmosphere, nanotechnology in plastic packaging, vacuum and a variety of organic preservatives to maintain the freshness and quality of the product to the destination and the final consumers.

Shipping and storage

The most equipped ground containers


For transporting fruits and vegetables, we use the most equipped ground containers equipped with cooling systems controlling coldness, humidity and air circulation.

Shipping and storage conditions of each product are calculated and adjusted separately according to the length of the route and weather conditions. Our products are currently exported to export destinations such as the Persian Gulf countries, India, Russia as well as European countries.