Why should we buy Iranian garlic from Gilafruit?

Why should we buy Iranian garlic from Gilafruit

iranian garlic

Purchasing and importing Iranian garlic is an important process that requires having a representative to inspect and be on the job at the time of planting, harvesting and packing garlic. Gilafruit Company, having farmers and agricultural lands in Parsabad, Hamedan, Kerman, etc., produces first-class garlic in a self-sufficient and organic way and delivers it to you, dear customers.

Why buy Persian garlic from Gilafruit
Buy first grade Iranian organic garlic from Gilafruit

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Climate and soil suitable for planting organic garlic in Iran

Gilafruit With the scientific study of garlic, it has been concluded that garlic needs more than 12 hours of light to grow and its temperature and light should be appropriate. Iranian garlic is grown in fertile soils rich in organic matter and at the time of cultivation. Needs relatively cool air and relatively warm air at harvest time. Garlic for export should be planted in late autumn because if planted earlier, it may germinate and freeze in winter and the crop may die.

Harvesting Iranian garlic

Garlic harvest begins in Iran in early May and lasts for up to two months. When the upper part of garlic turns brown and yellow, it is time to harvest garlic. Necessarily, we are careful not to damage the garlic and to harvest it in full accuracy and quality.

Garlic sort

One of the most important steps in exporting quality garlic is sorting it, which must be done with the utmost hygiene and care so that we do not face any problems when stored in the refrigerator, packing and exporting.

One of the most important stages of exporting quality garlic
Sort of Iran’s export garlic based on size and shape

Storage in the refrigerator

Storing garlic in the refrigerator is a specialized matter that requires technical ability, Using modern refrigeration equipment, Gilafruit engineers can maintain the exported garlic in its best quality and condition for up to 6 to 8 months by providing a suitable environment with a specific and standard temperature and humidity.

Storing garlic in the refrigerator
Storing garlic in modern and equipped Guilafruit cold storage with standard temperature

packaging method

One of the most important pillars of exporting garlic in the correct packaging is that the necessary attention should be paid to its accurate, hygienic and principled packaging based on the principles, needs and interests of the target market and to ensure that garlic is safe from damage and pests along the way. And its packaging will ultimately protect the beauty and elegance of Iranian garlic
Export of organic garlic in carton packages is mainly suitable for buyers, which of course has its potential risks. Also, foreign markets want and favor garlic in net (bag) and basket.

Export of Iranian packaged garlic
Iranian export garlic in 10 kg plastic basket packaging

Sending and clearing export garlic

Garlic is one of the most valuable export products of Iran and is certainly the factor of success of Gilafruit Company and accurate knowledge of the target market and delivery of products commensurate with customer demand and very high quality, Our company is with you from the beginning of your order with the correct packaging and also receiving the necessary permits and customs affairs to deliver organic garlic to you.

Where to buy Iranian export garlic?

You can buy Iranian garlic in two ways: In the first method, you can get it from farms during the harvest season, and in the second method, you can buy it from authorized and reliable cold stores and warehouses.

What is the price of garlic for export in Iran?

The price of Iranian garlic depends on various factors. Factors such as the type of packaging, date and time of order are influential in determining the price. You can contact our sales experts to get the price of Iranian garlic.

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