Iran’s export garlic

Iran’s export garlic

Introducing Iran’s export garlic

Iran’s export garlic has a special place in world markets due to its quality and reasonable price. Join us to get acquainted with the supplier and export process of this product

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What are the specifications of Iranian garlic?

Garlic is a medicinal and food plant that is found in the vegetable family next to onions and shallots .from ancient times doctors prescribed fresh garlic to treat some diseases and benefited from its healing properties. The benefits of garlic include strengthening the immune system, heart health, skin and hair freshness, regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation and thousands of other benefits.

Iranian garlic
Characteristics of Iran’s export garlic

Garlic pickle fixed on the Iranian table

Garlic is always a staple of the Iranian table and is one of the delicious condiment that most Iranian families consume with a variety of foods and enjoy its delicious taste.

Iranian pickled garlic
Iranian pickled garlic on Iranian tables

Fresh and dried garlic is a popular product in international markets

Fresh garlic is harvested in late spring in Iran. In this season, fresh garlic is found in abundance. Also, high quality dried garlic has the properties of fresh garlic. Iranian dried garlic and fresh garlic must be of high quality that can increase the number of its customers in international markets every day. Iran’s export garlic has many fans in the fruit and vegetables markets of countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, UAE, and other Arab countries.

Export of Iranian garlic
Export of Iranian garlic to international markets

Gilafruit supplier and exporter of Iranian garlic

This high-quality vegetable is sent in large quantities for export annually, and most of this vegetable is exported due to unfavorable weather conditions in Russia, Gilafruit company annually supplies a large volume of the best garlic in Iran for export and uses the new sorting and packaging equipment at its disposal to carry out the sorting process in order to export high quality garlic to the requested countries. Gilafruit, as one of the largest suppliers and exporters of Iranian garlic, is always trying to keep this product fresh and prevent spoilage and any other changes during the shipping route by controlling the temperature of the container.

Iranian export garlic
Gilafruit Supplier and exporter of Iranian garlic

What is the price of Iranian export garlic?

In Iran the price of garlic fluctuates a lot. Of course, Gilafruit company always offers products with quality and reasonable prices, and gilafruit customers are comfortable with this. You can contact our sales exports in the free consultation and support section of Iranian garlic and how to import Iranian garlic to your country.

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