Buy eggplant from Iran
Buy eggplant from Iran

Export of eggplants

As one of the suppliers of agricultural products, GilaFruit Group buys all kinds of exported eggplants produced in greenhouses ( eggplant greenhouses) as well as products produced in outdoor orchards whose guarantees are provided by farmers and greenhouse owners in advance. Export eggplant to Iran
Gilafruit sorting and packaging team specializes in sorting and packaging customers’ purchased eggplant, placing them in special eggplant packaging baskets or cartons, and arranging them on the pallet by strong corners and several rows of straps, which do not cause the slightest damage to the eggplants during transportation. Buy Iranian eggplant

Product Name :Eggplant
Type:Greenhouse, scallop, farm
Customs tariff code:07093000
Maintenance :10 to 12 degrees Celsius
Product size:Customer order
Package type :Carton box, plastic and custom
Price:Contact us to receive the price of the day

Also, types of Iranian export eggplants that are suitable for export to the fruit market of countries such as Russia, Qatar, UAE (Dubai), Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, etc. are purchased by GilaFruit Company supply teams from greenhouses throughout Iran and then the products are submitted to exporters. Iranian agricultural products. Export eggplant to Iran

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