Innovation, creativity, high quality and reasonable price are important in kiwi packaging, so today we want to talk about 4 kg kiwi packaging. The packaging is liked by many merchants around the world, So, to learn more about the export of Iranian kiwi in 4 kg baskets, join us at Gilafruit, the first and largest exporter and producer of kiwi.

packing basket 4 kg kiwi
Product Name:Kiwi
Type:Green Hayward
Weight of the Fruit60 - 110 gr
Type of Packaging:Plastic Basket
Packaging Dimensions:8 * 23 * 32 (cm)
Gross Weight:4.10 kg
Customs Tariff Code:08105000
Maintenance Conditions:2 Β°C
Available Months:October to May

Product Description

Undoubtedly, the first issue that has a high impact and attention on the consumer when viewing the product is the type of packaging, we use the best raw materials in making the 4 kg kiwi packaging because this type of packaging keeps the kiwi fruit product fresh and Freshness preserves over long distances. The 4 kg kiwi basket is available in blue, dark green, red, yellow and pink colours, which in addition to its amazing beauty, has high strength and durability.
And traders from different countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine and several other countries who are very interested in importing kiwi fruit with a 4 kg basket.

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The best caliber of kiwi for packaging in a 4 kg basket is 60 to 110 grams, and the length of this basket varies from 32 to 35 cm and its width from 23 to 24 cm, and its height is also 8, 8.5 and 11.5 cm varies according to its length and width. The storage temperature of kiwi in a 4 kg basket in the cold room should be 0 degrees and +2 degrees on the way to export kiwi so that the product reaches the consumer in the best condition

Video and FAQ


How much is the price of Iranian kiwi in a 4 kg basket?

Considering the caliber, size, and quality of the product, as well as price fluctuations of agricultural products, you can contact us to inquire online about the price of Iranian Hayward Kiwi in a 4 kg basket.

Iranian kiwi in 4 kg basket packaging is suitable for export to which countries?

It is very suitable to export Iranian kiwi packaging in 4 kg basket to most countries including Russia, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Iraq and Arab countries.

The four-kilogram basket can take a special form in palletizing due to its shape. Therefore, this factor has made it easy to carry and load long distances. In this type of packaging, two rows of kiwi are used on top of each other, which can be used in a variety of sizes and calibers in its arrangement structure.

Sample Packaging

Iranian kiwi in 4 kg plastic basket packaging
Iranian export kiwi in 4 kg plastic basket packaging
Iranian export kiwi in 4 kg packaging
Green Hayward Kiwi in 4 kg packaging
Palletizing Iranian kiwi in 4 kg baskets for export to the whole world

We have made it easy for you to buy kiwi in 4 kg packaging. If you intend to buy guaranteed Iranian Hayward kiwi with health and quality standards, you can contact our experts at Gilafruit Center for more information and guidance.