Iranian kiwi one of the best in the world

Iranian Hayward Green Kiwi

Iranian kiwi is one of the best in the world

Kiwi fruit is one of the most popular fruits in demand around the world. As one of the largest suppliers and exporters of kiwi in Iran, Gilafruit sorts and packs Iranian kiwi with modern sorting industry equipment, and high-quality and affordable kiwi to countries like Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Exports to Azerbaijan and Arab countries.

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Kiwi is a wild and special fruit. This fruit, which is native to moderate regions of southern China, can only be grown under certain climatic conditions. One of the most important conditions is the existence of proper soil. The kind of soil that is necessary for the kiwi plant to grow should have an adequate amount of moisture. In addition, this fruit requires special climatic conditions to be of high-end quality.

Moderate temperatures and high humidity are the main causes of these conditions. In fact, sultry conditions and moderate tropics-like temperature conditions are the keys to the fruit-bearing requirements.

Iranian kiwi is one of the best kiwis in Asia today
High quality Iranian kiwi is very popular in the world, especially in single-row packaging like the photo above

Due to facing all the above conditions, the northern provinces of Iran are one of the most suitable geographical positions for planting kiwi. This is why the Iranian kiwi is one of the best quality kiwis in Asia today. Kiwi is basically a fruit that can be produced in the right qualities under coastal conditions. Due to this, three coastal provinces of northern Iran, Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan, are now considered the poles of kiwi cultivation in the Asian region.

Iranian kiwi is one of the best kiwis in Asia today
Kiwi grows in northern Iran in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran

Kiwi popularity around the world

Iranian kiwi is one of the best samples of this fruit in the world in terms of taste, color, and size. Also, Due to the huge investment made in this sector, this fruit is exported to vast parts of the world under standard conditions and state-of-the-art packaging and preservation technology.

 Iranian kiwi in terms of taste, color and size
Iranian kiwi has a unique taste, color and size and is one of the best in the world, and Hayward green kiwi is one of these products.

These qualities, in addition to the affordable price of Iranian kiwi, have made Iran kiwi exporter companies one of the most popular options for fruit and vegetable traders.

 Quality in addition to the affordable price of Iranian kiwi
Iranian kiwi in luxury packages of 10 kg at a reasonable price

Gilafruit Trading Company, exporter and supplier of Iranian kiwi

As we said, the investment made by commercial companies and the use of the latest technologies of the day, have enabled Iranian kiwi to reach overseas consumers under the most suitable conditions. Gilafruit Company is one of the best and most profitable Iran kiwi suppliers. The company has been active in the field of Iranian kiwi exports for more than two decades and offers the highest quality in this field.
Gilafruit is also a subsidiary company in the e-commerce field, which is pursuing international thinking for the brand.

Gilafruit Company is one of the best and most profitable suppliers of kiwifruit in Iran
Gilafruit uses the latest technology in the world to sort and package

Equipped with the most advanced irrigation systems and world-class methods, the company’s modern refrigerators with an area of over 20000 square meters, with a capacity of around 7000 square meters, and with the world’s most advanced cooling systems and methods, have made it among the region’s finest products. The company currently has three refrigerators in the north of the country in Talash county and one in the south in Dezful county.

-Gilafruit Company has made kiwi fruit one of the best products in the region
Iran’s export kiwi is one of the best in the region in 10 kg plastic basket packaging

use of modern sorting equipment in the production of Iranian kiwi

the sorting process of products has a very high priority in the export of agricultural products and especially fruits. In fact, if this process is not done well, the possibility of the product being corrupted will increase and its quality will be reduced.

 This Iranian kiwi exporter with technical knowledge and equipped with advanced equipment such as machines
Kiwifruit sorting process in Gilafrot with Maf Roda sorting machine in export packaging

Iranian kiwi, provided by Gilan fruit Trading Company, perform this process in the best and most complete way by using the most advanced sorting technologies. This Iran kiwi exporter has been able to provide the highest quality Iranian kiwi to consumers with technical knowledge and equipped with advanced equipment such as the Maf Roda sorting machine and the treatment of knowledgeable and experienced experts.

Kiwi export while maintaining the true flavor in the shipping route

This professional and high-level Iranian kiwi exporter company conduct the sorting process of its products based on calibration, color, appearance, and separation of impurities. As a result, the fruits of this brand are in the best condition, maintaining freshness and quality until their final destination.
Iranian kiwi exported abroad by this company reaches the final consumer by maintaining the real aroma and taste of the fruit.

Exporter of Iranian kiwi fruit with sorting process based on calibration, color, appearance and separation of impurities
Buying sorted kiwi from Gilafruit, an Iranian kiwi supplier and exporters

Buy Iranian kiwi

As we pointed out before, the Iranian kiwi is among the best kiwis in the Middle East region due to the suitable climate conditions in the north of the country. Among Iran kiwi suppliers, there are a few companies that are not comparable to others in terms of quality of work. One of these companies is Talash Choubar Gilan fruit Company.

Buy Iranian kiwi in Gilafruit company
To buy Iranian kiwi, contactGila Fruit Company. Our experts are ready to answer

Buy kiwi from a reputable company

If you want to buy Iranian kiwi, trading with this distinguished international company can be the wisest and most reliable choice for you. You can rest assured that the company’s fruit is delivered in the most equipped Gilafruit refrigerators with the most advanced technologies and packaging methods. Furthermore, being an export-oriented brand, its primary focus is on developing the necessary infrastructure to optimize exportation.

What is the price of kiwi fruit in Iran?

The price of kiwi fruit in Iran depends on various factors, such as availability time, quality, size and type of packaging.

Where to buy Iranian kiwi?

Gilafruit Company is a supplier and exporter of high quality Iranian kiwi. And this fruit is exported all over the world in all kinds of packages according to the order of the target country.

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