Hayward Green Kiwi

Hayward Green Kiwi


Due to its four seasons, Iran has a wide range of trees, one of which is the Iranian Hayward green kiwi, which has many characteristics because Iranian export kiwi is also stored in the cold store to buy kiwi has better conditions than its other competitors. Kiwi Storage of kiwi depends on many factors, one of which is the storage of kiwi temperature of the product Let’s get acquainted with Hayward green kiwi.

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Kiwi is a nutritious and delicious fruit that is full of health and special flavors, the large branches of which are covered with reddish brown hairs. Hayward green kiwi has a large selection compared to other members of its family, which is the best-selling type of kiwi in the world due to its excellent aroma and taste.

Hayward Green Kiwi
Hayward Green Kiwi for export to Iran


Kiwi is a fruit native to China, known in the north and east as : (Yang Tao)

Hayward Green Kiwi
Origin of wild kiwi fruit in northern and eastern China


Kiwi fruit has a medium brown color with dark skin that has emerald green flesh with black seeds and pale yellow core of banana

Iranian kiwi
Iranian kiwi fruit with dark skin characteristics and black seeds

The taste and texture of this fruit

Hayward green kiwi has a sweet and slightly sour taste, but if it stays on the tree longer, it will be sweeter, and the taste of this fruit is reminiscent of strawberries and a family of citrus fruits.

Hayward Green Kiwi iran
Kiwi is a fruit with a sweet and slightly sour taste

Tree size

Hayward green kiwi has different sizes because if we want to have a general estimate, it is as follows:

? Table of available green kiwi months in Iran

? Country Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Iran ??         

availability times

Iranian kiwi fruit is ready to be picked from the end of August and the best time to harvest it is October and its harvest continues until mid-February.

? Table of available months of green kiwi in other countries holding this product

? Country Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan
?? Chile          
?? Italy          
?? New Zealand        
?? United States            


Iranian kiwi
Seasons of availability of Iranian kiwi

Kiwi storage time in the refrigerator

Storing Iranian kiwi in the cold storage is a specialized matter and the location and temperature of the cold Storage of kiwi should be adjusted very well. If the necessary standards are observed, the kiwi can be stored in cold storage for 6 months. Our company Gilafruit has 3 large kiwi cold storages in Talesh and Astara cities at the service of dear customers.

Hayward green kiwi
Pack of 15 single-row kiwi fruit


Temperature and storage conditions of kiwi

The ideal temperature for storing kiwi fruit is 0 degrees. Also, if your kiwi is firm and immature, you can place your kiwi by placing an apple next to it, which emits ethylene gas.

Good kiwi profile

What exactly do we mean when we talk about a good kiwi?

The characteristics of a good kiwi do not only depend on its appearance and color, but also the conditions of kiwi cultivation and all the influential factors such as soil and irrigation rate are involved in the quality and taste of kiwi.

How long can kiwis be stored in the refrigerator?

If the necessary standards are observed, kiwi can be stored in the refrigerator for 6 months

The best way to buy kiwi

Kiwi is bought in different ways, despite the brokers and intermediaries who are very dangerous, the safest way to buy kiwi from our collection in Gilafruit is to remove the broker and intermediary, send the kiwi directly to you. Our company, with a fully mechanized sorting machine, delivers Iranian kiwi fruit to customers without the intervention of hands and its analysis in health and high quality.

Iranian Hayward green
Persian kiwi growing in Gilafruit orchards

Hand picked with love

Our Hayward kiwi is a first-class product, because we pick this species with love in Gilafruit.

Take a look at Gilafruit gardens

The gardens owned and managed in the Gilafruit complex have excellent infrastructure. This means that any type of kiwi fruit can be stored, calibrated and sent to customers immediately after harvest by a professionally experienced staff, or produced and harvested according to the specifications of the kiwi purchased by the customer.

Lezzetli İran ihracat kivi
Specifications of Hayward green kiwi with sweet taste

Obtain a health certificate

All our products, like kiwi fruit, have health certificates and we also try to keep up with world standards with continuous efforts.
Gilafruit also conducts regular inspections to ensure that all requirements for organic farming are met.

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