Iranian kiwi export to the whole world


Kiwi is not originally native to Iran and was first produced and sold in bulk in China. In line with the public acceptance of the purchase of this product in the world, Iran also entered the field of Hayward kiwi production and export. This fruit is produced in many cities in the country, but the two provinces of Mazandaran and Gilan can be considered the main hub of first-class kiwifruit producer and the main center for selling Iranian kiwi fruit. Due to the high volume and quality of kiwifruit products, Iran is one of the centers of kiwi exports in the world.

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look at kiwi exports from Iran

Kiwi exports requires the preparation of the necessary substrates for the production and major supply of this product. Iran has proved that it has the necessary potential to export this product by producing a large volume of quality and first-class kiwifruit annually. Based on this, Iran has been able to be recognized as the fourth top kiwi producer in the world by producing several tons of quality kiwis for export per year.

Kiwi production and export of Iranian kiwi varieties
Kiwi planting for export in the north of Iran, Gilan province

Kiwi Iran stock with large size, pleasant taste and high quality and durability, to establish its position as one of the best-selling varieties of this product in the global kiwi market. Hearing such cases is remarkable, it makes people try to import kiwi from Iran. This has made Iran one of the most important and prestigious kiwi trade hubs in the world

Iranian export kiwi with a large size, pleasant taste and high quality and shelf life
Iranian kiwi packaging with high quality and shelf life in single row baskets

Familiarity with some of the highest quality Iranian kiwi for export

Hayward kiwi is one of the highest quality kiwi cultivars exported from Iran, which is exported from Iran to various countries in the world. This type of kiwi has many properties and has a great impact on improving human health, strengthening the immune system and better gastrointestinal function. The export price of Kiwi Hayward is not fixed and will vary depending on supply and demand as well as exchange rate fluctuations.
Hayward kiwi exports constitute a significant part of kiwifruit exports from Iran. The high quality of this product has led to a boom in the Iranian kiwi market and an increase in the profitability of its selling Iranian kiwi. It is interesting to know that a significant volume of kiwifruit imports from Iran by other countries is allocated to Iranian Hayward kiwifruit imports.

 Iran's export Hayward kiwi is one of the highest quality export kiwi varieties of Iran
Exported Hayward Green Kiwi in 10 kg packaging


The pleasant taste, high quality and remarkable durability of Iranian kiwi for export have caused many countries around the world to want to import kiwi from Iran. This important issue, along with the high volume of kiwifruit production per year, has made Iran one of the top four centers of kiwifruit exports in the world. Our country has been able to produce high-quality kiwis such as; Kiwi Hayward will gain a significant share of the global kiwifruit export market, thereby increasing the annual profit rate from exporting and selling Iranian kiwi of this product.

Iran is one of the most important and reliable export hubs of kiwi in the world.
Kiwi sorting for Iran’s export using modern equipment of the fruit sorting industry

What is the price of Iranian kiwi for export?

In Iran, due to the current conditions in the fruit and vegetable markets, a fixed price cannot be considered for kiwi. Also, the price of kiwifruit depends on other factors such as the type of packaging, the size and caliber of the kiwifruit, and the months when the kiwifruit is available.

Which is the biggest exporter of kiwi fruit?

New Zealand is the largest exporter of kiwifruit with exports of more than 500,000 tons of kiwifruit. Of course, Iran has been able to prove its position as one of the four poles of kiwi export in the world by producing and selling more than 350,000 tons of high-quality Hayward kiwi annually.

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