Ban on import of kiwi

Export of Iranian kiwi

Iran is one of the 5 largest kiwi producing countries in the world, Iran along with countries such as : Italy, China, New Zealand, Chile and several other countries are the largest and highest quality kiwi exporters in the world. In Iran, more than 280.000 tons of kiwi are produced in countries such as Russia, India, Azerbaijan, Amenia, Turkey, Belarus, UAE, Qatar, etc … Of course, the export of Iranian kiwi to India has been temporarily embargoing, and the Iranian authorities are seeking to lift the ban on the import of kiwi to India.

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Why did India ban the import of Iranian kiwi?

The import of kiwi or any other agricultural product has its own standards and laws for each country. India based on inspections and visits to kiwi shipments exported from Iran it has concluded that some export kiwis have red pest or Pseudaulacaspis pentagona and this does not comply with the defined standards of India, so the Indian Ministry of agriculture in the fall of 1400 sent a letter to the plant protection organization of Iran, suspending the import of kiwi from Iran.
Thanks to the popularity of this fruit among the people of India, the Indian authorities, nothing that the lifting of restrictions will take several months, announced the need for certification and coding of products and expressed their desire to buy coded kiwi, and their experts were sent to Iran to investigate and remove the restrictions

Iranian kiwi for export
Iranian Hayward kiwi for export to India

Visit of experts of Indian Agricultural organization to remove restrictions

Indian officials visited the top kiwi production and export companies in Iran to lift the ban on the import of Iranian kiwis. Gilafruit company, with more than 20 hectares of kiwi orchards and the must equipped cold storage in northern Iran as the largest kiwi producer and exporter of kiwi, hosted the Indian authorities. officials from India visited the gardens and cold storage of gilafruit, as well as the sorting section of the complex which is equipped with a fully automatic and advanced device for sorting this product , to ensure that gilafruit kiwis are free of any pests and other problems. Importing Iranian kiwi from Gilafruit will not be problem

high quality kiwi
The highest quality kiwi, Iranian kiwi

Iranian kiwi with the identity card

One of the noteworthy points that attracted the attention of Indian experts was the identificatio of kiwifruit, in this certificate, the date of harvest the name of the producer and the date of arrival in the cold storage and all other specifications of the fruit can be seen. which is a positive point for the export of kiwi.

Iranian Kiwi
Iranian kiwifruit kiwifruit with identity card

Visit and review the kiwifruit sorting machine

Due to the importance of kiwifruit sorting and accurate analysis, Indian officials, while the visiting the kiwifruit collection kiwifruit sorting machine, expressed their satisfaction with the accurate product analysis by the machine and the implementation of world health standards on the products

Ban on import of kiwi
Indian experts visit Gilafruit as a supplier of Iranian kiwi

Visit Gilafruit organic gardens

In the review and analysis of Indian officials of our company’s mechanized gardens (this Gilafruit garden has been selected as the best garden of 2021) Points such as: careful and interesting planning for irrigation, fertilization and replacement of modern methods and knowledge instead of traditional methods as well as compliance with international standards, attracted the attention of Indian experts, which has been made possible by the research of Gilafruit scientists.

Ban on import of kiwi
Indian experts visit kiwi orchards in Gila Fruit

Indian and Iranian officials negotiate to lift kiwifruit

Ban on import of kiwi to India from Iran is a problem that requires the two countries to adhere to their commitments, Indian officials, referring to the purchase of kiwi with a code and identity card, have sown their interest in taking final steps and final correspondence to re-export kiwi. Gilafruit, while announcing its readiness. will do its best to increase the quality level of kiwi, In the end, Dr.Shahpour Alaei Moghaddam, head of the plant protection organization, while appreciating and thanking the efforts of deputy Minister of Horticulture of the ministry of jihad agriculture in order to visit the Indian officials in Iran assure them of the absence of pests, added: international relations is one of the important goals of the plant protection organization and considered the observance of plant quarantine as a requirement for export and currency, as well as the observance of protocols and regulations of different countries as a requirement for export, Mr.Alaei Moghadam also added: annual kiwi fruit export to India are about 37.000 to 38.000 tons.

Kiwi Exporter
ban on import of kiwi to India

Gilafruit is the supplier of the highest quality kiwi for export to Iran

Gilafruit collection and staff are always trying to use 20 years of experience in the successful export of Iranian kiwi, to produce the highest quality kiwi and to sort kiwi with different calibrations and to countries such as Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Arab countries send with export packages.

Indian experts visit Gilafruit Company
Indian experts visit Gilafruit Company to stop the import of Iranian kiwi to India

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