Kiwi sorting

Kiwi sorting

Technology in Kiwifruit industry

Nowadays, by the emergence of technology in planting, cultivating and harvesting different kinds of products, newly innovated kiwi sort machines have been invented for sorting and grading as well as packaging different kinds of fruits.

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Kiwifruit and Sorting

Kiwifruit is not an exception to this rule. Kiwi sorting machines can accurately do the above-mentioned tasks immediately. Although kiwis can be sorted manually and with the help of our company’s professional staff, it is better to use electrical machines which are able to increase the sorting process. Kiwi is one of those fruits that can be easily sorted and packaged due to its dark and firm skin.

GilaFruit Kiwi Sorting Machine

It must be borne in mind that in spite of having tough skin, kiwi is considered as a very sensitive fruit which needs much of attention and care while it is being sorted and packaged. Since GilaFruit Company aimed at exporting kiwis worldwide, one of the best sorting machines must be provided.

سورت میوی کیوی
Sort of kiwi packaging fruit with Maf Roda device

How does MAF RODA sort kiwis?

Gila Fruit Company, being aware of the value of innovative technology in trading and exporting understood the necessity of an excellent kiwi sorting machine and finally, after researching in this area, equipped its complex with the latest technology in sorting kiwis and from that time, GilaFruit Company has used a high-quality sorting machine called MAF RODA which is able to sort kiwis into different colors, sizes and calibrations.

maf roda
Sort of kiwi fruit with Maf Roda device

Important factors for sorting kiwis

Kiwis are sorted according to their size and weight. The weight of kiwis normally ranges from 60 to 120 grams, in some cases such as twin kiwifruit it ranges from 150 to 270 grams. Different customers are interested in different sizes of kiwis. Therefore, according to our international customers’ interests, the sorting machine is set on the suitable weight and size and grades the kiwis for export. Another option which is used in our sorting machine is categorizing kiwis to different calibrations.

سورت میوی کیوی
maf Roda fruit sorting machine

Different available calibers

Ther are 7 types of size and calibration ranging from 42 to 25.  In fact, there are a variety of calibrations which are defaulted in the memory of the machine.

سورت کیوی صادراتی
maf Roda fruit sorting machine

How does MAF RODA work?

Only by pushing a key or a button, MAF RODA commences to sort the kiwis exactly in the size our customers have asked for. The number of kiwis in each calibration is different due to the weight of ach kiwi. For instance, if someone asks for a kiwi with the calibration of 33, it means that the weight of each kiwi ranges from 87 to 95. Also, if another person needs a kiwi with calibration 42, it means that the weight of each kiwi in the basket ranges from 65 to 74.

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