Types of Iranian kiwi

Types of Iranian kiwi

Kiwi varieties in Iran

Types of Iranian kiwi are divided into two types in terms of shape and structure: twin and oval. There is also another category for kiwis, which includes Hayward kiwi, golden kiwi and red kiwi.

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Iranian Hayward (green) kiwi

Iranian Hayward kiwi is rich in vitamins such as potassium and copper. Potassium greatly regulates the health and function of our body cells by regulating important body fluids, and is even important for our heart rate and blood pressure because it controls the amount of blood pressure in our body. Hayward green kiwi has different forms such as large kiwi, flat kiwi and green kiwi. Green kiwi is also used for medicinal purposes (vitamin C, zinc), health and hygiene (shampoo, conditioner, hairdresser, etc.). This type of kiwi has a strong composition and is widely used in the country. Green kiwi is very popular in local markets. Hayward kiwi is also used to make fruit juices, ice cream, carbonated juices and even sweets, gels and cakes.

انواع کیوی
Types of Iranian kiwi, Hayward Green Kiwi Export to Russia

Iranian Golden Kiwi

This product is popular in our country and has a special position in our markets. This type of Kiwifruit is mostly exported. Most foreign customers pay attention to its quality, size and weight. Iranian golden kiwi is very tasty and can be easily peeled by hand when it is well-ripened. Turkey and other countries buy and then use Iranian golden kiwi in the production of compotes, juices, jams, health products (shampoo, face cream and face mask).

انواع کیوی
All kinds of kiwis for export

Iranian red kiwi

This kiwi is very tasty and colorful. Its redness is so much that it gives a beautiful appearance to its fruit. Various countries, including Russia, are interested in this type of kiwi.

انواع کیوی
Types of Iranian kiwi, Red blood kiwi, sell kiwi

How are kiwis sold in our market?

In our market, people are looking to buy a quality product. The color, size, hardness and weight of kiwi are of special importance to people. Another factor that people pay attention to is kiwifruit packaging. Kiwi must be packaged carefully so that it is not damaged during export and along the way. One of the important factors for foreign and domestic buyers is kiwifruit packaging, because proper packaging prevents it from being hit and scratched.

انواع کیوی صادراتی
Types of kiwis for export in the Iranian market, selling kiwis

Exporting kiwi to world markets

Kiwi is one of the best products of Iranian farmers. Kiwi export is possible with the help of international companies. Iranian agricultural experts also teach farmers how to plant and irrigate, clean land and use machineries. We produce 223,000 tons of kiwi annually. The north of Iran has a suitable climate for growing kiwifruit for export.

In addition to exporting fresh kiwis, green kiwis are also dried and exported to various countries. Dried green kiwis are usually exported to Russia because the weather is cold for 9 months. Belarus is also one of the largest importers of kiwis, which make and market kiwi jam in its factories.

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