Kiwi caliber

Kiwi caliber

Kiwi export caliber:

Before buying kiwi fruit for export, traders should pay attention to various factors. One of these factors is the Kiwi caliber of the export fruit, which we will examine below.

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Types of Iranian kiwis for export

If you are considered as a newcomer in exporting and importing area of different kinds of kiwifruit, you may ask yourself what sorting means in this industry.

For understanding the size and color and shape of kiwis, there are some factors that every importer pays attention to. Kiwi has a variety of calibers including 42, 39, 36, 33, 30, 27 and 25.

What are the types of kiwi caliber?

kiwi caliber

Kiwi has a variety of calibers including 42, 39, 36, 33, 30, 27 and 25

اواع کالیبر کیوی
Kiwi calibration

 But what does it mean when someone refers to calibration in kiwis?

In fact, if someone says a kiwi is 42 calibers, it means that there are 42 kiwis per each three kilograms of kiwis. In fact, 3 kilograms is scale for seeing how many kiwis are there in each three kilograms. Different countries which import kiwis are interested in different calibers. Therefore, we sort kiwis based on our customers’ needs.

Iran Export Kiwi Caliber

But how do we sort?

In Gilafruit company sorting is done in two ways, manually and by machine. In manual sorting, our professional workers sort kiwis in the factory with some especial sorting scale. On the other hand, one of the GilaFruit’s sorting machines, MAF RODA, is a well-known sorting machine made in France.

سورت کیوی
Kiwi sort based on calibration

How does MAF RODA grade kiwis?

It diligently examines kiwi surface and then according to some characteristics such as color, shape, weight sort kiwis to different calibers.

maf roda
Kiwi sort based on calibration with maf roda device

What kiwis are our customers interested in?

Now our kiwis are ready to export. After sorting kiwis, we export them based on our customers’ needs. For example, Russian traders are interested to buy kiwis with calibers 39 and 30. Some Arabian countries look for buying kiwis with a caliber of 27.

کالیبر کیوی
Export of Iranian kiwi fruit based on caliber

What is the weight of each kiwi?

Kiwi fruit weight

The weight of each kiwi in each caliber is of high importance. For example, in the caliber 42, the weight of each kiwi is between 65 gr to 74 gr. In the following table the weight of other calibers will be illustrated.

 Number of kiwis in 3 kilograms (caliber) ⚖️ From (grams)
⚖️ To (grams)
42 ? 65 74
39 ? 74 80
36 ? 80 87
33 ? 87 95
30 ? 95 105
27 ? 105 115
25 ? 115 125

Is there another sort for Kiwis calibers?

Sure. GilaFruit Company, due to the experiences it has gained during the successful years of exporting kiwis, has been aware of its customers’ most popular calibers. Therefore, the following calibers are also offered to our dear customers.

 Number of kiwis in 3 kilograms (caliber) ⚖️ From (grams) ⚖️ To (grams)
42 ? 60 70
39 ? 70 80
36 ? 80 90
33 ? 90 100
30 ? 100 110
27 ? 110 120
25 ? 120 140

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