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The methods of buying kiwi from Iran

There are different ways to Buy Iranian kiwi from Iran. The safest method is to purchase it from GilaFruit which is considered as the first exporter of kiwifruit in Iran. You can buy Hayward and red kiwifruit online from our company, without any worries about brokers’ intervention, directly from Gila Fruit’s gardens in bulk and from the cold storage so that you can eliminate additional costs and get high-quality kiwis from GilaFruit.

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Countries importing kiwifruits from Iran

Due to the cultivation of kiwi in high quality orchards of Talesh, Astara, Mazandaran and Tonekabon, a number of countries such as Russia, India, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and other Arabian countries are permanent customers of the Iranian kiwis. If you want to have fresh vegetables and fruits, you can also join GilaFruit customers.

Which countries buy Iranian kiwi?

Kiwi export statistics

Russia, India, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and other Arabian countries are permanent customers of the Iranian kiwis

خرید کیوی
Buy Iranian kiwi for export

Kiwi fruit export statistics from Iran

The export amount of Hayward or Golden kiwi from Iran in 2021 was approximately close to 120 thousand tons. Russia and India have been two main target markets for exporting Iranian Hayward kiwi. One factor which has led to this result is that Iranian organic kiwi is regarded as a delicious and first-grade product. Another import factor is getting access to very good gardens and using a little pesticide. Additionally, GilaFruit Company complies international standards for delivering the product from the garden to the cold storage as well as for packaging it.

آمار صادرات کیوی
Buy Iranian kiwi export statistics

The mostly used Kiwi packaging

Most export kiwi packages vary according to the order of different countries and customers’ preferences. 10 kg calibrated packages are mainly exported to India, while 4 kg packages are exported to Russia. Also, single-row basket is used for Russian and Uzbek markets. Arabian countries which are interested in Iranian Kiwis mostly ask for carton packaging. Additionally, kiwi packaging in 750-gram crystal tray placed in mother basket is used for export to Kazakhstan and Russia. GilaFruit has more than 30 different types of packaging according to the customer’s wishes so that it can deliver high quality kiwi to you at the lowest cost and best packaging.

بسته بندی کیوی
Buy Iranian kiwii packaging

Difference in price between sorting of kiwi by machine and manually

Manual sorting is very economical for traders in terms of price. Those importers who need kiwis in precise calibres such as 70 to 75 grams, their kiwis must be sorted by machine. Also, it must be mentioned that the difference in price in kiwis sorted manually is at least 10%. One of the advantages of sorting machine is its high accuracy and one of the disadvantages is that it costs a little higher. Also, one of the advantages of manual sorting is that it costs lesser and its disadvantages is that its measurement accuracy is not good.

سورت کیوی
Export of kiwifruit for export to Iran

The Method of calculating international fare from Iran

Shipping outside of Iran depends on many factors, including the price of the dollar, the type of cargo and the time of delivery of goods. As the price of the dollar increases and decreases, the fare also goes up and down. One of the most important factors in determining the fare price is the type of cargo. The cargo of vegetables, corn and broccoli is at least $ 500 higher because the car refrigerator works completely with negative temperature. GilaFruit, a kiwi supplier in the north of the country, is with you all the way, from the beginning of purchase as well as packaging, sorting and clearance stages so that it can deliver the product with the best quality guarantee and price.

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